January Student of the Month

January Students of the Month


Rinoa Pearce

Since the beginning of the unique 2020-2021 school year, many students have been under extreme pressure to obtain their learning whether is it virtual or in-person. Rinoa has always been a cheerful and excited to learn student. She has shown perseverance with her virtual learning since day 1. Rinoa has worked very hard and has reached her learning goal and has transitioned out of needing additional help. Rinoa is always willing to help out her fellow students as well and helps keep them motivated to try their best.

Ziara Jackson

This year, we all have experienced our share of obstacles and discouragement, but our obstacles and discouragements pale in comparison to Ziara! After the trajic events of September in which she lost most of her family, she persevered. Not only does Ziara's perseverance serve as a testament to her character and her willingness to succeed, but her perseverance also serves as an example of how to even we as adults should persevere through trials.

Not only has Ziara maintained an amazing academic record by receiving A's in almost every academic course, but she comes to class everyday ready to learn and participate in class discussions. She is always ready to give an encouraging smile to others and even makes us teachers laugh.

We are all so very proud of how Zaria manages and continues to manage and grow through this year! We, the teachers are amazed at her ability to persevere despite everything. We are honored to be her teachers. Stay Strong Ziara! We are all cheering for your success!

Rinoa Pearce, 4th Grade

January Student for the Month

Pictured are Eddie Pearce (proud father), Riona Pearce (4th grade), Willie Smith (RSIA staff)

Ziara Jackson, 6th Grade

Ziara Jackson