Roberts, Anthrown

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Anthrown Roberts

Mr. Roberts

Professionally, I am a Highly Qualified (HQ) teacher, certified in Elem. Education.  I received my Bachelors of Science for Clemson University, in Elem. Ed in 2003.  This is currently my 14th year of teaching. Before coming to Robert Smalls International Academy, I taught 6th grade at Hampton Elem School for 11 years. I was also a Math and Science Master teacher/Instructional Coach their as well. I was selected as the 2013/2014 Teacher of the Year at Hampton Elem. School. I am currently a 6th grade math teacher at RSIA, as well as one of the 6th grade team leaders. My beliefs on teaching is that teaching is more than a job or profession; it is a calling, and as teachers it is our responsibility to unlock the gifts, that are within our students, no matter how hard a challenge that maybe.

Personally, I am originally from Fairfax, SC. I am a 1998 graduate of Allendale-Fairfax High School. After graduating from high school I went on to attend "the best university in the state", Clemson University.  I am a huge sports fan and I enjoy not only watching but participating as well.  I am also the current girls’ head basketball coach at RSIA, and before coaching here, I was the head JV Girls coach at Wade Hampton High School, in Hampton, SC for 10 years.  I also enjoy fishing, but I don’t get to do it as often as I would like to because I can never seem to find the time. My favorite activity to do is spend time with my family.  I have a wonderful and beautiful wife, Alexis, that I have been married to for 8 years now.  We have 1 son Micaiah, who is in the 7th grade and an amazing young lady, who my wife and I have taken under our wings, as our daughter, who is currently an 9th grader.  Finally, what I want you to know about me is that my faith in Jesus Christ is my greatest quality.