Eve Weaver

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Eve Weaver

Ms. Weaver

     I’m a proud veteran of the USMC, a wife, mother of three, grandmother of three, and 2nd grade teacher.  I have found my home here at Robert Smalls International Academy on the end of the L hall and in Burton, SC.  I used my G.I. Bill to attend college after serving as a sergeant in the Marine Corps.  I have been teaching since 1993 in fourth grade, kindergarten, first grade, multiage, and second grade classrooms.  I am a collector of ABC books, plants, Christmas ornaments and all kinds of realia (real stuff that can be used in the classroom). 

     I have earned recognition as a National Board Certified Teacher, and I am highly qualified in early childhood and elementary education.  I have earned a gifted and talented endorsement.  My peers voted to select me as the Teacher of the Year at WBES in 2002 and at SHES in 2012.  Being a “teacher of the year” to me means being the person your child loves to spend their day with. 

     My undergraduate degree is in early childhood education from the University of South Carolina, Aiken, and I have a master’s degree in community services for early childhood from Michigan State University.