Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of Robert Smalls International Academy, a school committed to excellence in education, is to provide challenging educational opportunities for students so they become active, passionate, life-long learners
who in turn become caring, reflective, open-minded, members of our community and the larger world. 

 MIssion and Vision


We believe. . .

  • All students are capable of learning when given the opportunity to be taught significant and relevant material.
  • Everyone has the right to dignity, respect and fair treatment.
  • Everyone has a right to a safe, supportive and caring learning environment.  
  • A variety of teaching methods is essential to facilitate student learning and motivation, while meeting the individual student’s needs and learning styles.
  • Students are entitled to a variety of experiences that place the learner at the center.
  • Inquiry is vital in the development of a life-long learner.
  • Technology is a tool for teaching and learning.
  • All stakeholders share responsibility for support of the school’s mission.
  • Developing a community of learners will inspire, motivate and focus the work of our school, uniting us in a common purpose.



Robert Smalls International Academy values everyone’s right to inquire, create, and achieve as we build a legacy by educating students to make a positive impact on their communities and the world.