October Student of the Month

October Student of the Month

Courage / Tolerance

Despite the challenges that Covid-19 has presented students with this school year, RSIA General Jonathan Godinez Carrillo (8th grade) has certainly shown courage and tolerance in the face of uncertainty. Like many students,  Jonathan is virtually attending online classes each day. His teachers report that he is actively engaged in lessons - asking questions and helping to further academic conversations. Not only is Jonathan doing his work and getting it turned in on time, he is also helping to make sure that some of his smaller family members are being attended to as well. Just as Robert Smalls showed great courage and tolerance when he was faced with adversity, Jonathan is doing the same. He is carrying on Small’s legacy by being a role model and leader for his classmates and his family. Jonathan’s creativity and adaptability shine through the assignments that he submits as well as the conversations that he engages in. He has a genuine curiosity about the world and wants to know more; he is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone to find the answers that he seeks. Congratulations, Jonathan, and thank you for continuing to be a beacon of inspiration for your fellow classmates. 

Godinez Carrillo

Jonathan Godinez Carrillo

Pictured left to right are Ms. Coleman, Jonathan Godinez Carrillo, Mr. Young and Ms. Brown.