Uniform Policy



All students will be required to wear a school uniform as mandated by Beaufort County Public Schools.  The uniform shirt worn daily will be a white, hunter green, orange, black, or gray collared shirt, turtleneck. RSIA Spirit Shirts may be worn Monday-Friday. All students will wear khaki, navy, or black shorts, skirts, pants, jumpers, overalls, or skorts. Jeans, with no holes, may only be worn on Fridays and any other administrative approved day. Appropriate length is expected for girls and boys (their shorts or skorts should extend at least to the outstretched end of the fingertips). A polo type dress in a school uniform color and name brand shirts are acceptable. Sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and coats that are worn in the building must be school colors – solid white, hunter green, black, orange, gray or spirit wear. It is very important that students wear appropriate shoes when arriving to school and throughout the day.  No boots, opened toed shoes, or heels.  Tennis shoes are best.  If you need uniform assistance, contact the School Social Worker.  If students come to school out of uniform, if available one will be provided.  If a student has an accident at school, parents will be called and a uniform will be provided if available.  We are very proud of our school colors and the image we project in the community, on field trips and in our building.  Students’ behavior, school pride and academic performance are influenced by what is worn to school each day.  We hope to maintain school cohesiveness and sense of belonging and unity with our uniform policies and are counting on your support.


Uniforms do not include the following:

Crocs, flip flops, sandals, jeans, shirts without collars, hats, and bandanas.  Hoodies worn to school must be school colors or spirit wear. Hoods may not be worn in the building. When in doubt, if something is appropriate uniform wear, call the school first.


If a student does not follow the uniform guidelines, the following actions should be taken:

  1. First Offense: Teacher will contact the parent to request a uniform be brought to the school. The teacher will document the incident as a classroom managed incident in Educator’s Handbook.
  2. Second Offense: Teacher will contact the parent and send the uniform violation letter home. The teacher will document the incident as a classroom managed incident in Educator’s Handbook.
  3. Third: The teacher will notify the Social Worker of the incident and the Social Worker will contact the parent directly. The teacher will send another uniform violation letter home and document the incident as a classroom managed incident in Educator’s Handbook.
  4. Fourth and Subsequent Offenses: The teacher will write an office referral.