Student of the Month

The Beaufort County School District’s Character Education program was formed to support parents' efforts in developing good character in their children. School counselors identified a list of character words and definitions deemed important regardless of a person's political leanings, race, gender or religious convictions. Additionally, the character education word list aligns with the First Tee Nine Core Values that represent some of the many inherently positive values connected with the game of golf.

The purpose of the Character Education program is to integrate good character traits into the total school environment, as well as into the community. These words and definitions focus on the attitudes and personal qualities that build a foundation for success in life and work. These character traits are imbedded throughout the curriculum and are a daily focus of both students and school staff members.

In addition to the Character Education program that exists in every school in Beaufort County, one student in each (northern/southern) region will be selected as Character Education Student of the Month. The students selected will be recognized by the superintendent at a School Board Meeting each month in each region. North of the Broad meetings are held at the Beaufort County Administration building in council chambers. South of the Broad meetings are held at the Bluffton Library.

character education word lise


The action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group or received by others.

A feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc; sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

The process of working together to the same end; situation in which people work together to do something; to collaboration, joint action, combined effort, teamwork, partnership,

Doing the right thing in face of difficulty and following your conscience instead of the crowd.

To stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong): to stop blaming (someone)

The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends; relationship, close relationship, attachment, mutual attachment, association, bond, tie, link, union

To show that you are thankful for what others have done for you.


Telling the truth, admitting wrongdoing. Being trustworthy and acting with integrity.

A firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values. Being honest, trustworthy and incorruptible.

The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate; kindliness, kindheartedness, warm heartedness, affection, warmth, gentleness, concern and care

Pursuing worthy objectives with determination and patience while exhibiting fortitude when confronted with failure.

Showing high regard for an authority, other people, self and country. Treating others as you would want to be treated. Understanding that all people have value as human beings.

Being accountable in word and deed. Having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks with reliability, dependability and commitment.

The ability to have control over your feelings or actions oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, especially in difficult situations.

Realizing that everyone is at varying levels of character development.