Westfall. Yili

Yili Westfall  εˆ˜δΌŠθŽ‰

 Ms. WEstfall

I am a certified Chinese language teacher and have a Master’s Degree in Art. This is my 3rd year teaching at Robert Smalls International Academy, and seven years total in the education field. My goals as a foreign language teacher are to ignite students’ passion for learning; while moving them towards a level of independent thinking through language and cultural exploration. I believe that a key element in the foreign language classroom is keeping the students engaged. My personal style of teaching brings enthusiasm, cultural elements, and technology into the classroom to increase learning motivation. As a Chinese American teacher who has studied and lived in both countries, I also endeavor to promote cross-cultural awareness and appreciation; striving for open-mildness in my classroom. I believe that my enthusiastic, cultural-technological approach to teaching Chinese enables students to develop language skills in a manner that keeps them interested and engaged. In my spare time, I enjoy designing, reading and travelling. I love to explore new cultures and beliefs with friends and students.