Weaver, Keith

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Keith Weaver

Keith Weaver

The Ohio State University = Associates of Arts

Ashland University = Bachelor's of Education (Integrated Social Studies)

Ashland University = Master's of Education (Literacy)

Ashland University = Master's of Education (Intervention Specialist)


Personal Message

I am a Highly Qualified (HQ) certified teacher in Middle Grades Social Studies. This is my 15th year as an educator. I taught 7 years in Ohio, 4 years at Beaufort High and this is my 4th year at Robert Smalls International Academy. 

My goal is to provide students the opportunity to fall in love with history. History is amazing and I want to show students that they too can love history. I want students to become independent thinkers and to learn how to make decisions that are their own. 

My classroom is not your typical Social Studies classroom where you learn dates and facts and then take a test. My class deals more around the concepts that lead us to be in certain situations that we are studying. My class is set up with a lot of discussion and I use the Socratic Method of teaching. I also like to follow the gradual release model of teaching where the students take more and more ownership of their education. 

My class is high energy and a lot of fun! 

"What Is Your Why? Eric Thomas