Magnus, Veoletta

Hello My Name Is...

Violeta Magnus

V. Magnus

I am originally from Paraguay in South America. I graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in Education.  I received my Highly Qualified Certification (HQ) through the PACE program.  I am also certified to teach to English Students of other Languages (ESOL).  I have a Masters in Education from Lesly University.  I have been working at Robert Smalls International Academy since 2009 as an ESOL teacher.

I not only enjoy working with students from around the world, but also helping parents feel welcome to participate in their children’s education and success.

Because I, myself, was not born in the USA, I have a special way of relating to both my students and their parents.

My goal is to do whatever is in my power, to the extent that my experience and education has prepared me, to enable those students for which I am responsible to be as successful as possible.