Global Education

     International Education      

Global education is not a collection of one-time activities that promote a "tourist approach" to learning about different communities of the world.  Nor is it taught in connections with seasons and holidays as a means of comparing and contrasting cultures.  Global education is, however, about promoting a perception of the world in terms of "unity within diversity", helping children to recognize what is similar and unique among cultures.  We live in a world that grows smaller every day.  Advances in technology have shortened the distance between countries and continents.  It is easier than ever before to travel to faraway places.  The ability to communicate with people on the other side of the globe requires little more than a few clicks on a keyboard, and news that occurs thousands of miles away is received within minutes after it occurs.  As we continue to connect with people around the world in these and other ways, we come to see how much our future depends on our ability to cultivate global relationships.